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Performance Fabrics Pty Ltd has exclusive access to a wide range of technically advanced fabrics from the leaders in polyester and pure silver textile construction.

See it SAFE is the world's first range of surgical grade, permanently anti-microbial fabrics using pure silver technology, proven to kill 99.9% of the micro-organism within 1 hour of contact. 60% kill within the first 15 minutes of contact. Clincal papers available on request.

To download our technical brochure, click on this link:-    SeeitSAFE technical brochure.pdf

Pure silver fibres woven into the fabrics provide safe, non-toxic anti-microbial performance for the life of the textile, e.g. curtains 10 yrs+. Silver also has other benefits including:

The threat from superbugs and infectious organisms is a major concern to both Health Authorities and of course the general public in many countries, and is now becoming increasingly apparent in Australia. See it SAFE is the safe, effective, non-toxic way to combat hospital and community acquired infections in the form of extremely comfortable, smart and durable apparel and linen and more importantly; bedscreens and shower curtains.

The pure silver fibre in See it SAFE fabrics kills, within 1 hour, 99.99% of  all micro-organisms tested including: MRSA, VRSA, VRE, C.Diff., Tinea, dust mites (bed bugs) and over 800 other micro-organisms tested so far. Clinical test data is available on CDRom for healthcare managers and infection control personnel.

We have specialised in theatre scrub suits and protective gowns since 2001 and are now extending our anti-microbial range of products to virtually any textile application imaginable in the hospital, healthcare or even home environment; including privacy curtains, bedspreads,  window curtains, sheets, gowns, scrub suits, drapes and covers, etc. Please contact us for details or with any special requirements.